Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Well, it’s what you do to improve your unpaid search results, also known as: organic, natural, or algorithmic. Essentially, how close is your website to the first result on Google. We all know that hardly anyone ever looks past the first 4  or 5 results.

When we talk about SEO it can get complicated for the average person. Terms like: meta tags, crawlers, cloaking, link distance, targeting, indexable, and on and on, can become overwhelming. Here I have developed some simple things that an SEO challenged person can follow.

How to Improve SEO for your website.

1. The TITLE! I know it’s very tempting to have a quirky or snazzy title, especially in blog posts, but the title is one of the first things that google reads when prompting a search result. When developing the title tag for your website or blog post, think about your content and who it is intended for. What might your audience type into google? Combining this with a title that is intriguing, is the first step to SEO.

2. Keywords/ Key Phrases. The more times you have keywords throughout your title and text, the easier it is for search engines to match your site to the original search. While filling text and titles with keyword rich content, it is important to keep in mind the search engines have the ability to evaluate relevance (d0nt over do it). Although keywords are important, it’s argued that key phrases are even more effective. When someone is typing a search into google they are more likely to enter a phrase like, “SEO for blogs” than “SEO.”

3. Links. Another important contributor to SEO is linking. The more websites that have links to your websites, the more search engines recognize your website. As Andrea Niosi states it in her blog, SEO, “The Popularity Contest.”

4. Use social media. “Social Media sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Delicious are highly authoritative sites which can dramatically improve search engine rankings if used properly.  Any SEO specialist knows link building is essential to improving search engine visibility.” Jeff Bullas

SEO can get more complicated, but here are some easy things that an average person with little knowledge on the subject can do. A great resource for learning more about SEO is The Beginners Guide to SEO.