What Makes an Ad Campaign go Viral?

Going Viral, arguably one of the biggest key success factor in Ad campaigns. There are some specific Ad Campaigns that have been wildly popular:

Old Spice



Why were these so successful? After speaking to some fellow students, we all agreed on some basic concepts: Humour, originality, relatablity, celebrity endorsement, research, and sometimes, the shock factor.

Another blog talks about this very topic. It lists 5 key factors: Takeaways, Relevance, Controversy, Humour, and Purple Cow. Takeaways, is a factor that I hadn’t considered before. It states that ads that have “tips” or information that can be immediately applied to real life, would be more successful due to the fact that it engages the audience.

Social Times has an article, “10 Tips for advertisers to go Viral.” My favourite tip is, “Think about long-term strategy,” it uses Old Spice as an example, and discusses how developing multiple videos with one character or concept, encourages customer interaction, which promotes longevity in the campaign.



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