Corporate Blogging

As I begin my Digital World adventure, I have been learning about blogging. I read a posting “Build a Biz Blog” by Eli Singer, “Why Blogging is Your #1 Search Tool” by Compendium, which got the ball moving on the concept of businesses blogging.  Prior to this week I have never read a blog. The most experience I had with blogging was watching the movie, Julie and Julia, during which I fell asleep half way through when I was flying to Nairobi. So the concept of businesses having blogs, was absolutely foreign to me.

So I started to Google big companies and the word “blog”. Playstation, Coca-Cola, Nike and BMW just to name a few.

So as I’m poking around and looking at some blogs, I’m starting to really get on board with the whole concept. I’m starting to notice which blogs have lots of comments, and which ones have none. Playstation has upwards of 30 comments on all their postings, they post one or more times per day, where as the official Wii blog posts a few times per week, and has virtually no responses. The “Your Health” blog by CTV has lots of responses and comments and Coca-Cola, Mazda, Global TV, and the Lonely Planet all show little or no comments.

So what deems a blog successful? How do we rate success? Compendium, who has written about this sort of thing, is heavily focused on SEO, and having keyword rich content. Well I often Googled a company name and the word blog, and if I didn’t find anything in the first 3 responses, I moved on, assuming that there wasn’t one. Thus, proving Compendiums point.

The more time I spend working with blogs and analyzing others, I will better answer the above questions. As for now, I think it’s safe to say, a lame blog is better than no blog.



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