Hello world!

I have never seen my BlackBerry light up quite like it has in the past hour or so. Buzzing, beeping and blinking with constant emails and notifications.

You see previous to this morning I had Facebook, and maybe a couple of email accounts. Well, my fairly relaxed social media/social networking days are gone… at least for the next four months… As a third year marketing student I am required to participate in a course called, “marketing in a digital world,” which is the only reason why this morning I registered with the following: Twitter, Hootsuite, Delicious, Yahoo (Apparently Delicious users must also be Yahoo users,) Google,  Prezi, and now WordPress.

Now, I was already convinced that all these tools would be very beneficial to an active business, but it may take some time for me to not only adjust to the buzzing and flashing, but to see the benefits that this might have for me. Wish me luck in my new technological endeavours!


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